Dale's 1935 Paddy Wagon at Lead Foot City

Dale brought out his 1935 Ford Bread Truck that he converted into a Dukes of Hazzard inspired Paddy Wagon. He took some time to share with us the specs and special features of this beautiful classic and tell us about his future plans for it. Have a hot rod or classic car of your own? Consider bringing it out to our next Super Swap Meet this Sunday on April 18th. Didn't make it out? Don't miss out on any of the rest of our awesome upcoming events. Go to https://leadfootcity.com/ to check them out: Lead Foot Fiesta! Saturday, May 1st from 4pm-10pm Memorial Motors & Music Festival, 3-Day Event May 29th to the 31st The Place for All Things Automotive is revving up and ready to welcome you. For more details about us or to register for any events visit www.leadfootcity.com. We have a podcast too! Find us on any podcasting app by searching for Lead Foot Radio. You can also listen in here: https://leadfootcity.com/blogs/lead-foot-radio Lead Foot City is proudly located on the Florida Adventure Coast at 17109 Old Ayers Road, in beautiful Brooksville, Florida, 34604.