"I'm Addicted to Auctions" - Interview with winning bidder, Jose

Jose came by Lead Foot City to pick up the items he bid and won on at last month's Super Swap Meet Auction. While loading up, Jose talked with Eric about his experience with the auction, finding car parts he needed at the swap meet, and how excited he is to come out for the next auctions. Auctions are held at all of our Super Swap Meets, every third Sunday of each month. Keep an eye on leadfootcity.com/ for more information, to sign up as a bidder or a seller, or to find out all the details on any upcoming events at the Place for All Things Automotive. And if you are interested in our auction be sure to follow us on social media (@leadfootcity on Instagram and Facebook) to get the latest updates on what items are going up for auction. Upcoming Events: Lead Foot Fiesta! Saturday, May 1st from 4pm-10pm Memorial Motors & Music Festival, 3-Day Event May 29th to the 31st We are excited and ready to welcome you. For more details about us or to register for any events visit leadfootcity.com. Did you know we have a podcast? We're taking a bit of a break right now but we'll be back to posting more content again soon. In the meantime, you can find us on any podcasting app by searching for Lead Foot Radio. You can also listen in here: leadfootcity.com/blogs/lead-foot-radio Lead Foot City is proudly located on the Florida Adventure Coast at 17109 Old Ayers Road, in beautiful Brooksville, Florida, 34604.