Lucifer - The Car That Almost Killed My Husband

In his 1983 novel, Christine, Stephen King wrote about a car possessed by some great unknowable evil. There's a film adaptation and many similar stories of evil automobiles that followed but I think we can all appreciate a certain amount of peace in knowing that our cars aren't really evil and certainly couldn't mean us any harm. That's all just fiction. Isn't it? Jaye brought out her 2000 Mustang, dubbed strangely enough as "Lucifer," to Lead Foot City's Throttle Thursday. She shares with us all the upgrades and enhancements made to the car and tells us the eerie story of how it earned its devilish nickname. Be sure to check out Jaye's car group, United We Ride Florida on Facebook: If you're looking for a weekly Car Meet in the Hernando County area, look no further. We'll have music, food, and an open burnout pad! And we'll be keeping the cost low to get in as it's just $5. Have a great time in a safe environment with like-minded auto enthusiasts and show off your skill right here, at Lead Foot City every Thursday night. For more information visit or call us at 844-532-3366 The Place for All Things Automotive is ready to welcome you. For more details about us or to register for any events visit Listen in to Lead Foot Radio: Lead Foot City is proudly located on the Florida Adventure Coast at 17109 Old Ayers Road, in beautiful Brooksville, Florida, 34604.