Pumpkin Spice Flavored Transmission Fluid?

We get to partner with a lot of great brands at Lead Foot City but one of our in-house brands is one that anyone who comes out to Lead Foot City might recognize, as we named our bar area after it. Burn Rubber Brewery is also an actual transmission fluid you can use in your vehicle and last year we made this video to help them celebrate fall. Enjoy and remember to shift responsibly (and you know, not actually drink transmission fluid). We're proud to introduce our newest product from Burn Rubber Brewery, America's best-tasting transmission fluid, our Pumpkin Spice Latte Flavor. To order your car's favorite drink visit www.BurnRubberBrewery.com today! The idea came to one of our leading craft brewers in a dream where he found himself in a field surrounded by a multitude of colored leaves. Across the field, in the distance, he saw a hooded figure that at first made him nervous but then waved as though it were an old friend. Our brewer waved back and noticed now in his hand was a piece of parchment paper advertizing a sale on Lazy Boy Chairs. On the back written in crayon were these five words; "Taste the taste of fall." Our Brewer woke up that instant and knocked over a glass of water to get to the notepad on his nightstand. He didn't care as he frantically wrote down the formula that would be used to create our new Fall-inspired elixir. And the rest is history. Half the calories, twice the taste*, get your own bottle of Pumpkin Spiced Burn Rubber Brewery today!!! *Not for Human Consumption* For more from Burn Rubber Brewery check out https://www.burnrubberbrewery.com/ or visit https://bit.ly/3G2gAIV to get yourself a case today! Don't forget about Monsterfest coming up next Saturday! Join us for live music, fun-filled times with your family, and all the action you can pack into one night at Lead Foot City's Monsterfest! Go on to www.leadfootcity.com to get your tickets or to get more information. Or you can pre-register today right here: https://bit.ly/3lXjpCW Looking for the latest in trendy fall fashion? Check out our LFC gear at leadfootcity.com/merch Lead Foot City is proudly located on the Florida Adventure Coast at 17109 Old Ayers Road, in beautiful Brooksville, Florida, 34604.